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We are a local business that provides virtual services to our neighboring attorneys in Los Angeles and nearby counties.  We do not "farm out" work!

Our VirtuaLocal™ services lends a tangible solution to the problem of unaffordable, inexperienced legal assistance by reducing attorneys' overhead costs, without the attorney compromising the expert services and positive reputation of his/her firm!


*   An increased client roster

*   Cost-efficient, experienced paralegals

*   No out-of-pocket new hire salaries, perks and benefits

*   No overtime rates

*   No training 

*   Guaranteed services!

When the word “virtual” is used to describe services, it is often viewed as someone who works with businesses anywhere in the world.

We added “local” so that we are associated specifically with our SoCal community. With more than 60 years of combined experience working as legal secretaries and/or paralegals in Los Angeles and neighboring counties, we stick to what we know, and we do it WELL! 

Balancing your law firm’s increase workload as new clients are retained can be a challenging and often expensive process. Attorneys may end up paying more than their administrative budget allows in order to support the demands of new clients.

Does it balance out?

The short answer is, probably not.  Increased billable hours and income turn into out-of-pocket administrative expenses.

              TechnoTaries is the Solution! 

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